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Results for France 2010 Women's Singles

France 2010 Women's Singles


Competition for today is canceled due to the light winds. Skippers meeting tomorrow 8:00AM first possible start 8:30AM

Heat #1APulido, G (1) 
Heat #1BKennedy, H (1) 
Heat #2AWinkowska, K (1) 
Heat #2BRodenas, C (1) 
Heat #3APeral, A (1) 
Heat #3BSykes-Davies, J (1) 
Heat #4AKajiya, B (1) 
Heat #4BWhiteley, H (1) 

Heat #5APulido, G (1) 
Kennedy, H (2) 

Heat #5BRodenas, C (2) 
Winkowska, K (1) 

Heat #6ASykes-Davies, J (2) 
Peral, A (1) 

Heat #6BWhiteley, H (2) 
Kajiya, B (1) 

Heat #7AWinkowska, K (2) 
Pulido, G (1) 

Heat #7BKajiya, B (1) 
Peral, A (2) 

Heat #8W FPulido, G 
Kajiya, B 

Heat #9L FWinkowska, K 
Peral, A 

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